Advanced Tool Inc is a premier carbide end mill manufacturer that saves our customers money by targeting large volume end mill applications and designing a better end mill built for your exact machining environment.
Advanced Tool is the developer of Wear Analysis™, a proprietary program. We start with your current end mill, we analyze the wear patterns, stress points and areas of breakdown. Then we build a new end mill that delivers results you can’t get from a catalog end mill.
Reducing costs, inefficiencies, and solving problems for Fortune 100 & 500 manufacturers around the globe.

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End mill geometry - proper ratio on primary & secondary land widths

How to spot proper micro end mill geometry

Isn’t it interesting that the smaller the end mill diameter the higher the price? There is a reason for that, micro diameter end mills are a breed of their own. The smaller the diameter the more precise you need to be. The tolerances are tighter making the level of difficulty greater. They also require special […]