Wear Analysis

webendmillintro2What is Wear Analysis™?

A program reserved for medium to high volume end milling (20-50pc minimums) where there is a desire for performance improvement.

      • Gain Valuable Insight from Current Results: We start with the end mill you are currently using, we analyze the wear patterns, stress points and areas of breakdown. This analysis is taking into account every single aspect and condition within your machining environment, from your spindle, fixturing, RPMs, IPMs, coolant, and more.
      • Years of Compiled Data: We have built this program on not only knowing how to decipher wear patterns and stress points, but knowing exactly what changes to make to give our clients the results they desire.
      • Small Changes = Big Results: End Mills are one of the most complex geometric tools in the market today. We know that making one small change in geometry can enhance the other 21 elements of that end mill and make it perform better.
      • RESULTS Speak For Themselves: You will not find these results in a catalog end mill. Gain the cost saving and competitive advantage that Fortune 100 & 500 manufacturers are taking advantage of all around the globe.
      • Our Business Model is Different: Our competition wants you to select from one of their standard catalog products. Designing just for you or for one customer at a time does NOT fit their business model. We saw the void and filled it. We understand that there is simply far too many variables when designing for an individual application. We believe that high volume applications deserve better than the “one size fits all” model.


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